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With everything going on in 2020 I value all the sessions I had with everyone this year. Especially all the ones with Sandra, Schorni and Flo. I still don´t put too much effort in filming (as you can see haha).

So anyway, here are some of the clips of my year 2020. And holy moly. I am 34 now, it´s crazy…





The following blog post is the last part from my 5 part series about my experience in London where I did a 6 month intership for Parkour Generations.  

Looking back to 2013, living and working in London was an amazing experience. It shaped me and my training and ultimately gave me the courage to co-found Parkour Austria (from where I withdrew end of 2018).

My days, although very different and filled with a ton of new experiences had a similar structure. I would arrive with the first “after rush hour” train at the Chainstore (09:30 or 10:00). The gym would be quiet mostly until early afternoon, and I took this time to do computer work (emails, preperations, news pieces, other tasks…). Midday I would start moving a bit because people were arriving or because PKGen team members started training. I joined in, or if no one else was there I would often train alone too. I would also just walk out the office, bust a few muslce ups or ring muscle ups, and go back in. It was pure pleasure ^^ After a first training session I would continue work. And a lot of times I would train again for an hour or more before heading home.

Then, a lot of times (especially in the beginning) I joined PKGen classes. And because I was quite unfit at the time due to stress levels before London I really could use all the training I got.

Here are some impressions from the life of a PKG Intern (navigate with the arrows!):

This routine got me down to 79kg in a few months. I arrived in London with probably around 88kg but I had no way to check my weight as there was no scale in our shared flat. So… funny story. One day I went to pick up tape for my ruptured callus at a pharmacy and I see they got a scale. It was a few “p” to weigh and I said f* it I am gonna do this now. So I did. And I realised I had lost around 6 kg. The next time I checked I was down to 79kg… This was crazy. And awesome.  In this time I also trained muscle ups a bit and could get 4 consecutive ones (I finally beat the 5 rep mark 2019). Ring muscle ups were also something I learned due to awesome feedback from some people who trained that day. And that I edged up to 12kg one rep or less kg, but up to 5 reps.

Some other cool things I could experience in that time were:

  • Winterval
  • the first Night Mission
  • the opening of the Chainstore
  • the first ADAPT conference
  • and many great and long talks with Forrest (to whom i feel indebted for all the time he took with me)

This is the end of the 5part series. If you need any info on how to get in touch with PKGen for a potential internship let me know, I can help.