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The first Parkour Research and Development Forum was organised by Parkour One and hosted by Streetmovement at the Campus of the Gerlev Idrætshøjskole in Denmark. The event took place from July 13th to July 15th 2017.

I was not too sure what to expect but I am someone who is interested in parkour on a wider scale than just the movement itself. A chance to get together with likeminded people who bring the knowledge of their field into the realm of parkour, maybe even on an academic level, motivated me to go. It also seemed like a good format to present our recent work we did in Vienna, but more on that later.

After spending the 12th in Copenhagen together with Blake from PKGen Americas and Phil from PKOne we headed to Gerlev and were welcomed warmly. The campus and it´s spirit are amazing.

Initially at this point I wanted to release the participants list and the speakers list together with a brief overview of what each presentation was about. I will leave this to PKOne who I am sure will release some material on this in the near future. But below you will find the list of speakers together with the tiltle OR a short description of their presentation.

Andy Day Radical Inclusivity
Mikkel Rugaard European Equipment Standards in Parkour
Marcello Palozzo Parkour and Sports Science
Roger Widmer PKOne TRUST and the PKOne Academy
Martin Gessinger PKOne TRUST and the PKOne Academy
Alexandros Charos Parkour in Vienna – a data related project
Jesse Danger Parkour Game Programe Design
William ‚Bill’ Marshall Parkour and the visual arts
Ville Leppänen Oxygen consumption in Parkour Athletes
Henri Hänninen Oxygen consumption in Parkour Athletes
Mika Vuoriainen Oxygen consumption in Parkour Athletes
Paul van Kaldenkerken Political Strategies and Goal Reaching

Parkour in Vienna – a small data related project

I presented a project we did in Vienna. For the past ~12 years the so called Vienna Forum Meeting, a public and free parkour meeting is taking place every Sunday 13:00 – no exceptions made. At some point over the years it became a sort of ritual to shoot a group picture before the actual warmup starts. We identified this picture as a valuable source of quantitative data and took the effort of digitalizing the following information.

  • Overall people attending
  • Number of males attending
  • Number of females attending

Observed over time and in comparison with open source weather data we figured we could get more info on our population of PKV FM – attendants. Some of the results can be seen in the enclosed presentation.

[blockquote align=center]

The dataset can be downloaded HERE:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kf_2ohfZmvyAekHX0zR-r7Je6R-FRdpzJraUFSnpbUw/edit#gid=1638984993



[blockquote align=center]

The full article in German + a PDF for Download can be found HERE: https://www.parkour-vienna.at/community/topic/22313-parkour-in-wien-%E2%80%93-ein-datenprojekt-zum-communityverhalten-von-parkour-vienna/


The Forum

As an experience the forum fulfilled my initial expectations. It was great to get in contact with all these people who share the same passion and bring in knowldge from their respective field. The forum encouraged exchange and was a great networking opportuinity. On an other note it must be said that the event was a pilot and the format might change in the future.

Looking forward to seeing where this will be going.