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As you know I am a great fan of interviews and in the past I dedicated a lot of resources towards conducting a variety of interviews with parkour-related people. Recently Skochymag lead by the awesome Andy Day has released interviews with Blane, Boki and Thomas Couetic.

Andy got a great sense for relevant and sharp questions and the three interviews you can find below are a great read. My last interview with Blane dates back to 200x, in the time between then and now Blane has totally changed his life to being a fulltime firefighter in London, leaving most of his coaching duties behind and living our well known motto “being strong to be usefull” to its fullest.

If you happen to don´t know Boki already, he is a Serbian traceur, Etre Fort sponsored athlete and one of the main influences of parkour in Eastern Europe.

Thomas is the second generation of traceurs originating from France and currently living in Fontainbleau. Along with others from his generation (Stephane Vigrourx, Kazuma, the Shintais and many more) he is a direkt link to the early phase of parkour, a still active practicioner and a soruce of parkour wisdom and philosophy, although he mostly keeps to staying in the background. Enjoy the interview.

The only thing I regret when reading the interviews is not having done them myself 🙂

It all started many years ago in Linz when I made the decision to produce some (hopefully) quality content in the form of interviews with people who had and still have a major influence on the Parkour scene and its development. The interview series was a lot of work for everyone involved, especially for those answering to the sometimes critical questions I sent them and so it was no rarity that many of my desired interview partners declined or never sent back their interview. Luckily still many did say yes, and did complete the task, putting in quite an effort compared to your everyday interview.


Below you will find some of the interviews that now belong to the proud ARCHIVES aka. “The Interview Vault” Take your time, dive in and have fun!