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Parkour Austria

A year ago TOM (from Parkour-Vienna) and me decided to take the leap of faith and make parkour a more important part of our lives. We knew we had the knowledge, the connections and the skills to do so and that we would always have regrets of what could have been if we had not decided to go down that road. Long story short – we did go down that road.

So over the course of the last year we both made significant changes to our regular work life and took upon the quest of creating Parkour-Austria. Besides figuring out what would be the best option for us in terms of organisational form we also had to learn a lot (and still do) about administrational stuff, something that barely gets touched if you do parkour semi professionally (like we did before).

These last months we created the website Parkour-Austria as our hub for offering our services and we are proud to have had it released yesterday (May 13th 2017).

We are aiming:

  • on further developing parkour in Austria
  • on creating new and exciting coaching offers and events for the community and the general public
  • on further professionalising parkour in Austria in balance with community values
  • and on bringing more people into parkour but at the same time upholding the core values of our discipline

There are many more but I guess these sum up some of the main reasons we do it.

I don´t want to go into too much detail. I have heard no one reads text in 2017 anyhow but I just want to answer the question:

What does this mean for we-trace?

  • The coaching offers will be sepperated from we-trace and will be conducted by Parkour-Austria.
  • We-trace will have the sole focus of high quality content production and staying critical
  • We are aiming on bringing critical people from all over the world to we-trace to create more diverse content on a more regular basis and maybe have more people write for it – if you are interested message us on alex@we-trace.at
  • The website stays basically the same – minus the coaching offers