Philipp Raasch is a passionate old school practicioner from Germany who took on making the worlds first physical Parkour calendar last year (2020). The project was amazing and 2021 Phil is aiming to realise the second release of the Parkour calendar soon.

For this purpose he has set up a crowd funding campaign to help cover production costs.

Please check it out here until end of October:

For a taste of the old calendar 2020 incl. a we-trace picture see here:


Update! – The calendar has been funded fully and has already been shipped. Congratulations to Phil for yet another high quality and amazing parkour calendar.


Not too long ago I have started taking an interest in photography. Especially parkour photography. I admire the works of people like Andy Day or Stavro (go check them out!) but pk photography has come a long way in general. The standards in quality have risen constantly in photography as well as in parkour filmmaking. This can be attributed to the advances in technology mainly I guess. Good equipment has become affordable. Just look at the drone shots in nearly every video nowadays.

I am currently taking my sony a6000 along with me everywhere and from time to time I want to post some of the pictures that result of the sessions.

I´d appreciate your feedback greatly. (Best via Instagram).

Here are some of the shots from January to March 2019.