Exploring Greece: The Odondotos Railway

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Table of contents     Intro In the north east of Peloponnes (Greece) lies the village of Diakofto (Διακοφτό), directly next to the sea. Having travelled through Greece, Diakofto in my opinion is neither especially beautiful nor has to offer … Continued

Breaking the Jump: The Secret Story of Parkour’s High Flying Rebellion

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In 2004 I got a first glimpse of parkour. All I had was a name and the fact that it was super cool. Unfortunately that was about it. There was no one anywhere close who could guide me on how … Continued

Quality Parkour / Movement Books and Literature

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Fellow parkour and movement enthusiasts. I am always looking for new (and old) high quality parkour related reads. Since the first book about parkour was published I made it one of my goals to gather parkour related books as I … Continued

Interview: ETRE FORT (ger)

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Das folgende Interview ist auch auf ENGLISCH verfügbar.   In den letzten Jahren ist ETRE FORT zu einem allseits bekannten und sehr wertgeschätzten Teil der Parkour Szene avanciert. Die EF-T1 Jogginghosen werden von Traceuren in allen Teilen der Welt getragen … Continued