Since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic many countries have implemented severe measures to reduce the rate of new infections. These measures pose a challenge to societies and the businesses within.

From April 7th to May 1st 2020 a survey amongst parkour companies was conducted via to get more information on the impact of Corona to their business. The article was being finished on May 17th, when some countries were starting to ease or considering easing their measures again.

Below you will find some key findings but I suggest you get the whole PDF here – Download Link.

In short some of the findings:

  • Parkour companies have been negatively affected by the Corona pandemic.
  • Expected decline in revenue ranges from 10% – 80% this calender year. (slight but not significant diferences in business areas – avg. decline around 30-40%)
  • Expected decline in revenue is not expected to be compensated at all next year by >50% of companies
  • A shift in business areas is considered by 50%
  • Online Services are playing a huge role for some companies (especially coaching related)
  • Estimated survival time of the own company is 3 months or lower for 50% of companies, 6 months or higher for the other 50%
  • Avg annual revenue is 170.000 Eur. Potential market strength of parkour worldwide might be up to 100 million Euro

Many more key stats can be found in the article. Please check it out, as well as for any methodological questions and context in genral. – Download Link

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Below you will find the interactive dashboard to the survey results

(all credit goes to Hector –

Info: Revenue is not linked to rest of data. You can select / deselect values in revenue chart and median / mean will adjust. The business area chart is the main selector for the interactive charts. Have fun!