Movement – Nothing Else Matters

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In 2012 while the olympic games were hosted in London, Storm Freerun released a great ad/video filmed and edited by Claudiu Voicu who also did the groundbreaking Storm Freerun Volume I.

Long before anyone at FIG ever thought of the idea of swallowing up Parkour | Freerunning and bringing it as a new hipp discipline into the olympics, Storm released this beauty (see video below or klick HERE) with a message that is ever more actual.

This video was released when the focus of the sports world was in the stadiums of London, while parkour people were training outdoors, pushing their boundaries but also the boundaries of movement itself. No one was applauding and passerbys were not recognizing what they were actually witnessing when they saw someone training in the streets. People who did train did not do it for any competition, for any bystanders, for gold medals or eternal fame and for sure not for instagram. They did it for themselves and the love for movement (yeah, yeah, exaggerating, but you get the point). The video was smart in its message and in 2019 it can definitly be viewed in the context of FIG and olympics even if the message was not meant to be political back then.

So let´s take a step back into 2012 and appreciate the forgotten athletes! because…

Not all athletes need funding
Not all athletes need world records
Not all athletes need spectators
Not all athletes need medals